Who Does Your Heart Long To Serve?

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Another big foundation question for business or ministry is WHO? Who does your heart longs to serve?

My great focus in ministry is widows. When I was widowed, I was the youngest widow in my church, I had children still in school, and no one quite knew what to do with me. That’s an easy one and God put it in my heart as sure as He made my eyes blue.

Who I have been called to serve in business has been harder. I actually know whom it is that I’ve been called to. I’ve just often wanted it to be someone different. Someone easier.

My Who Aren’t Blue

Do you know whom you’re called to serve? Think of all of the people with whom you cross paths. Friends, family, waitstaff at your favorite restaurant, doctors or nurses, that person on Facebook who always encourages you… Who resonates with you? Why? Is there a commonality among these people?

There are a lot of client avatar exercises out there that you can do. I love what my coach, Diane Cunningham Ellis, says about this. Sorry, Diane, I’m paraphrasing here: “When I think of client avatars, I think of the blue people from the movie. My clients aren’t blue people. They’re women just like you and me.”

Who are the people just like you? What goals do you have in common? What pain points?

Is there something you can do to help them achieve their goals and overcome their obstacles? Can you guess which foundational question is coming up next?

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