WHAT Can You Do To Help Your WHO?

Well, I just about overthought this post to death! 

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Hi, I’m Shelby, and I’m an overthinker. It’s really simple. 

Simple is good because these first posts are about the foundation of your business or ministry. And we want to try and keep that simple!

What can you do to help the people God has called you to serve, whether in business or ministry?

Can you help them learn to do something practical (or maybe not so practical) to help themselves? Can you help them make some sort of emotional/mental/physical transformation? 

I’m calling to mind four clients of mine who are psychologists and counselors. The “whats” for them, in regard to their clients, might look like: What can I do to help them and serve them well? Can I help them eat better? Parent better? Crochet? Play guitar? Just find some balance?

My “whats” in relationship to them might look like: Do they need help setting up their own businesses? Writing blog posts? Taking over some of the business operations so that, after they’re done helping their clients, the can rest or play or refill their own spirits? Getting out of their own way? 

How about your clients? In what ways has God gifted you to help them – and serve them well? Have some great ideas to get started? Fantastic!

Digging Into The What

These are good starts, but they’re like the “why” question; they’re too general for you to make any real headway. So dig down a level – or maybe two, or even five! What is it about nutrition that you could teach them? Where in their writing are they stuck? Do they have mindset issues (who doesn’t!) that keep them from moving forward?

(And, I feel sure you know this, but I need to say it anyway – don’t forget to pray over every piece of these foundations.)

While digging into the “what,” don’t get wrapped up in it — this is “what’s” time in the spotlight — but let your brain wander around how. Just enough to know that it’s basically doable.

Does The What Fit?

Does the “what” you come up with fit the “why” and the “who” from the prior two posts? Can you picture yourself jumping through some hoops to make “what” happen for “who” because “why?”

Does it make your heart sing a little bit? I’ve owned my own businesses for over 20 years, and the combination of these things really does need to make your heart sing. And sometimes cry. Because while serving people is more than rewarding, it can also be hard.

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