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Can Your Business Weather a Storm?

Do you find yourself lying awake in the night wondering:

  • How a literal storm might impact your business?
  • What would happen to your clients and their work if you have a life storm?
  • Do you have the margin in your business to be able to enjoy a literal or figurative “snow day” like children do?

Preparedness can help!
I learned the hard way.


Develop and implement systems to protect your client files and other records


Have multiple ways available to reach your clients – and for them to reach you or a representative for you

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead (working ahead if you can!) by even a few days gives you margin for those times when life happens

relaxed, peaceful

You can face the storms relaxed and at peace.
You’ve done the best you could do to prepare.

Download my “Stormproofing Your Business” Checklist by filling out the form below.

And, if you have further questions or would like to go deeper, I’m developing a Stormproof Your Business Workshop.

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