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Gold Nugget Mining Repurposing Content for Business Growth
Gold Nugget Mining
Content Repurposing for Business Growth

Your Content. Your Genius.
Use It To Grow Your Business.

Want to move from frazzled and frustrated to free and fulfilled? The answers as to how to do that are probably in your existing content. You just need help to find it.

Content repurposing for business growth is one of the most valuable tools you have in your toolkit. A deep dive into your content can help with your social media marketing and can help show themes and trends in your content that might reveal future directions for your business.

What price would you put on finding your true north – the absolute right direction – in your work?
How great is the value in having insights into months of content for social or email marketing?
Would it be game-changing if you end up with new insights into your business direction?
Did you know that every piece of content you already have has the capability of producing 6 or more pieces of additional content?

Content repurposing is high-level research — a deep dive into content (audio, video or text-based) to build other content OR identify content pillars or new directions for business in order to promote business growth.

I love research. LOVE IT! Your written content (social media or blog posts, email marketing campaigns, etc.), video or audio content are my playground.

I will spend eight to ten hours combing through your selected content, making notes of relevant topics and/or points. I will compile the notes I’ve made into a comprehensive report that you can easily use to target future social media posts, blog posts. Some of my clients have used the reports to assist with strategizing new business directions including courses, ebooks and more. Most of the reports I have done run in excess of 10 pages.

Here’s what one client says:

“Shelby recently did a deep dive Gold Nugget Mining of my blog, social media accounts, newsletters, and shop. It was such a great experience! Not only did she catch themes and threads of ideas I had been considering she also saw new ideas that I had never thought of before. Shelby’s final report was a big help as I was in the middle of planning a new product line for my blog and publishing company.

Her thorough report helped identify new ways to repurpose content as well as old content that needed a refresh or update and republished. If you’re feeling stuck or would love a fresh set of eyes on all the content you have created, I highly recommend this service!”

Marta Goertzen, Creator/Consultant
Selah Studios

Within five business days, you will have my report on the content I recommend reusing, what and where it is currently, and how it might be best utilized for future content. 

After you’ve had your report for 3-5 business days, so you have time to really look through it, we’ll schedule a strategy call (lasting up to 1 hour) to discuss the findings, your thoughts, and how to make it work to grow your business!

I bring fresh eyes to what you probably don’t see clearly anymore. Or maybe you’ve even forgotten your own brilliance!

If you have very much content at all, you will have a roadmap to potentially 6 months to a year of new content!

Aren’t you ready to repurpose your content to facilitate your business growth?

Here’s What One Client Has To Say:

Hear from Diane Cunningham Ellis about her Gold Nugget Mining

Content really is king!

Repurposing your content can save you time and money by refreshing and reusing in new ways content that you already have!

Use Your Own Brilliance
Grow Your Business!


Not quite ready for the full VIP experience, but you want to see what this Gold Nugget Mining is all about?

I offer a free Quick-Win Worksheet and a DIY Guide as well!
It might seem counterintuitive to offer you less expensive alternatives,
but I really believe in the power of this exercise and don’t want you to miss out!

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