Build-Your-Own OBM Package

About Simple Sustainable Solutions and How We Help You Grow Your Business

If you’re a coach, consultant, or counselor, it’s a pretty good bet that hours spent doing the details of business management are pretty close to miserable for you. You’re people- and heart-driven, right? Most of business is data-driven.

Do you need help? Simple Sustainable Solutions provides online business management from operations, task, and team management, to launch support, content marketing including blogs, email marketing, and social media, and metrics monitoring and analysis so that you can know when to shift gears, cut back, move forward, etc. You can make data-driven decisions instead of best-guess decisions. You can also spend time meeting with and creating for your clients rather than managing task schedules and all the other details of your business!

Not Sure If You Need an OBM?

I’d love to chat with you and hear about where you’re struggling and how my team and I can help. The Build-Your-Own-OBM service is a fantastic option for implementation. As an added bonus, you get a “business BFF” to walk alongside you. All packages are custom because no two businesses are the same.

Pricing begins at $199+ per month (depending on services)

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