90 In 90

90 in 90 Strategy Session

Not ready to commit to an ongoing partnership but you still need help with strategy? That’s fine, I get it.

Still, you know you need some help to clarify your vision and map out the strategy for it.

How 90 in 90 Works

Let’s sit down for 90 minutes to talk and I’ll map out 90 days of strategy for you or your team to implement.

We’ll start with wherever you are — loose vision or idea, half-mapped strategy, or too many ideas to sort through. We’ll talk it through, see what’s feasible and what’s not, and then plot out the best way for you to make it happen.

Your strategy session will be followed by:
a written report and
and a copy of our Zoom video for your reference in about 5 business days.
You’ll also get once-a-week email support from me, as you need it, for the 90 days you’re implementing!

Get your business out of your head and into the world where it can help people!


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