How Will You Deliver Your Service or Product?

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You’ve identified the “why,” the “who,” and the “what.” That’s fantastic! You’re so close! HOW will you be delivering “your thing” to your people? Is it an online thing or an in-person thing? Both?

Have you given any thought to the myriad options? You have to look at this from two sides:
How do you feel comfortable delivering “the thing” to them?
How will they best receive it?

The two might be the same or they might not. If they’re not, then you might need to take another look at your WHO. You won’t be able to serve them well if you have trouble connecting in ways that make sense to them. (Lesson learned the hard way. More than once!)

Some Hows For Online Delivery

Teaching Platform (Thinkific, MemberVault, etc.)
Email (yes, people deliver whole programs via email!)
Voxer (cool walkie-talkie app!)

Podcast (public or private)
Video teachings
Zoom (great for group teachings and interaction)

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