Brave In The Mundane

Brave Isn’t Always Flashy

Did you know that something as mundane as doing laundry can be brave?

I am on a new adventure. This past week I moved from Florida to Nebraska. There are some brave stories — not flashy like saving someone’s life — in this and I’m hoping to share them so that they might benefit someone else. Background: If you don’t know me, then you don’t know that I’m legally blind and have lupus and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) which are pertinent facts in these stories.

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Yesterday was the day I decided laundry had to be tackled. Well, to be honest, the lack of clean clothes for my kids and me decided that. The small coin-operated laundry room in our building wasn’t going to cut it. It would take all day with us monopolizing the machines — and many quarters! I decided to find a laundromat so that all the loads could go at the same time and I did — one near us called LaundryLand. Grabbed an Uber and with my two ginormous bags of laundry, headed over. By myself. The kids (they’re adults, but still kids to me!) had other chores they were accomplishing. We all need to be ready to work Monday. Divide and conquer!

God Waits In Our Brave

I was anxious with a good dollop of scared. It’s scary to not trust what you think you can and can’t see. Lupus and RA are also factors in my strength and mobility and I can never be sure how my body’s going hold up. But this is an adventure and I can’t depend on any person to hold my hand through life.

Besides, God keeps showing up in HUGE ways through every step of this move.

He was with me in the laundromat, too. Seems silly to say that, but who thinks of God in the laundromat? I arrived shortly after opening, and the very kind attendant had time to cheerfully show me everything I needed to know before the Saturday throngs descended.

Learning Business Lessons In The Laundromat

Wondering how my trip to do laundry relates to business?

Here’s what I (re)learned yesterday:

God is everywhere. (In your business, your home, the laundromat.) There’s no place you can go that He isn’t there ready to meet you.

Do it scared. Especially if it is out of your comfort zone. If God has called you to a thing — big or small, business or personal — He will equip you to do it. My friend/business coach/mentor, Diane Cunningham Ellis, has referred to herself as “the Brave Coach,” and she consistently teaches that we’re never late to our own miracles and that God provides what we need when we need it. Just do the thing. Diane nudged/pushed me out of my comfort zone to start this business just about two years ago and my life hasn’t been the same since.

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If you need help, ask. Many friends have helped me through this last couple of weeks. Prayer, encouraging messages, practical help, so much more. In business, you can have the same. I pray for my clients and they for me. (How blessed am I that most of my clients have become friends!) If you’re in business, that doesn’t mean you are expected to know everything! Consult with someone who has already walked the path you are on. Someone has faced the same challenge you’re facing. Join a group of like-minded women. Just talking it through with someone else can help bring clarity. We aren’t meant to do life alone!

Don’t let fear stop you. God will meet you and provide for you in business just as He did yesterday in the laundromat for me.

If I can help, just email me. I’d love to be of encouragement or support.