About YOU and how Simple Sustainable Solutions online business management services can help you grow your business


Are you overwhelmed, frustrated and frazzled by all the details of your business? Do you miss fun and friends and family — oh, and financial security? Maybe it’s time to bring on someone to help you with your online business management. Someone who understands your dream — and believes in it — but who is a step away and can see the forest and the trees. Someone you can trust. A “business BFF” which, interestingly enough, is my best calling. Wouldn’t it be great if you felt free and fulfilled again?

It’s really all about you.

Hi, I’m Shelby! I want to extend my hand in friendship to you. It’s my personal mission to be your business BFF – your confidante, the one who speaks truth in love to you, who helps guide you through the minefields of decision making.

You can holistically amplify your message
and impact more clients
without bro marketing, hustle, and sleepless nights

Did someone along your journey tell you differently?

You and your clients deserve better!

I know this about you:
You have a heart to help other people. Whether you provide tools for your clients to improve their personal lives or businesses as a coach or counselor, you want to make an impact in the world. You understand, love, and value that the impact you make has ripple effects that reach beyond your imagination. You’re a vital part of a circle — of many circles!

Are you wondering if anyone even gets it?

This is where I can lend an assist. I love to help the helpers!

My Passion Is To Implement Yours

You want to serve your clients well. You also want a life outside of your work. Friends and family and fun and financial freedom. Does it seem impossible? Do frazzled and frustrated describe you more often than free and fulfilled?

We have answers for you. Not pie-in-the-sky answers. Simple. Sustainable. Solutions. Are there pieces of the back end of your business that you just dread? We can take over as much of that load as you’d like. Do you want to grow your business online, but you have no idea where to start? We’re happy to help so that you can do you.

I personally love counselors and coaches. The way you lead with your hearts in order to help your clients get the maximum impact blows me away. You honor the Lord in praying over the work and your clients. I love how you change lives! And I’m blessed to be a small part of that ripple effect that goes out into the world. You are my passion. Helping the helpers is my bliss!

My Goals For My Clients

My specific goal is to help Christian coaches, counselors, and consultants who are ready to scale — right in the thick of growing their businesses — and they just don’t have enough.

→ Not enough time
→ Not enough hard information
→ Too little tech knowledge
→ No desire to do the behind-the-scenes work

Are you that client?

It is our goal to bring to you clarity and help with implementation so that you can learn to love your business again!

We are probably a good fit if:

  • You’re a Christian coach, counselor consultant, or writer
  • You understand that, in handing over control of some pieces of your business, you’re gaining control over your time and talent
  • You make decisions fairly quickly and on your own and you’re ready to make them based on real information rather than just your gut
  • You’re tired of being stuck and are ready to move forward

We are probably not a good fit if:

  • A Christian worldview will conflict with your own values
  • You feel that you absolutely need to be hands-on in every part of your business — even the parts you don’t understand
  • You agonize over decisions or have a business partner who does or you prefer making decisions based solely on your gut
  • You’d rather maintain the status quo than take a chance on success

I’m Shelby Ketchen. I’m a triple-certified coach, certified digital marketer and social media manager, with 20+ years of entrepreneurship under my belt, and I love to help you find ways to make the business part of your practice work for you. No matter the degree of support you need, my team and I stand at the ready to come alongside you. 

I’m also kind of a geek. Nerd? Both? At any rate, it’s to your benefit. I won’t tell you that I have the answers to all the questions you might ask. I don’t! But I do know where to find the answers! I’ve been in business in many forms over the years including as the executive assistant to the C-suite officers of a multinational company and as the owner of a national medical transcription company. And I just love taking all the puzzle pieces of your dream and helping pull them together into a cohesive whole that changes and impacts lives!

I offer Online Business Management with a Build-Your-OBM Package including, but not limited to:

Content repurposing with the goal of defining trends and new directions for business growth
90 in 90 Strategy Sessions
Launch support
Content marketing including blogs and email marketing
Social media management

Does the marketingmanagement, and all of the details of running your business sap your joy?
Do you not have enough time to do the thing that God gifted you to do?
Are you ready to leave 1:1 behind and help more people? Or generate passing/recurring income?
Are you ready to help yourself?

You help others get a transformation.
I can help you make your business something you love again by providing simple sustainable solutions for online business management.

You don’t need to feel like you’re in this alone anymore. It’s my honor to come alongside you as a business BFF who cares about you and your business.

From Frazzled and Frustrated…

adult, annoyed, blur-1850268.jpg

Right now, you’re burned out, frazzled, and frustrated. You can’t seem to help all the people you want to help. You don’t have enough time in your day for all the people. Or your family and friends. Or even self-care. Your office feels like a prison. Taking a vacation and financial security seem like pipe dreams.

You don’t know quite how to move your business forward to the point that you’re helping as many people as you can while still having a life of your own.

→ Vacations.
→ Dinners with the family.
→ Money in the bank for retirement.
→ Time for self-care and personal replenishment.
→ Worship.

They all seem out of reach.

Each decision you must make is fraught with potential negative outcomes. You just can’t see a clear path from this place of frazzled and frustrated to free and fulfilled.

…To Free And Fulfilled

woman, sit, boardwalk-5779323.jpg

Freedom and Fulfillment.

After dabbling for too many years, with the persistent encouragement of Diane Cunningham Ellis, I launched a virtual assistant business.

That business has grown by leaps and bounds allowing me to come alongside women just like you. Women who have God-given purposes and missions to put good in the world, to help others, and to enrich the lives of their loved ones by being fully present when they are with them.

Your work is important. No question. But life is more than just work, is it not? You teach self-care, fun, freedom, being brave, financial security, living in your purpose.

Shouldn’t all of that apply to you as well?

I bring the sum of all my business experience (lots!) to the table. I invest my heart, time, and talent in your business. I want to be your business BFF. You can read more about that on our team page!

Would you like an introduction to recognizing your own genius?

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Even if you don’t follow the entire process on all of your content (and I hope you will!)
you will begin to see that there is genius in your existing content that can guide you to business growth.

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