simple sustainable solutions

Simple. Sustainable. Solutions.

Business management for heart-centered coaches
who are ready to grow their businesses, but don’t know how

  • An alongsider to provide support
  • Strategy and facts for sound decision making
  • Ongoing assistance so that you can serve your clients

Mapping out simple and sustainable solutions for heart-centered coaches, consultants, and counselors.
You started your coaching business because you had a heart to help people, right?

But owning and managing a business is a lot more than just helping people and it’s hard.

Do you find that the marketing, management, and all of the details of running a business saps your joy?
Do you not have enough time to do the thing?
Do you want to leave 1:1 behind and help more people?

You help others get a transformation. I can help you make your business something you love again!

As your Online Business Manager, I help you to create the business you want. I listen to your big-picture dreams, prioritize them, and then make a plan for making them happen.

My team and I will help you put into place the systems you need and do the behind-the-scenes work to make it all happen.

You can do YOUR thing AND have a life outside of work.

How I Can Help You
Reclaim Your Joy In Your Business

Content Repurposing

I call these VIP Day events “Gold Nugget Mining,” and they are my heart project! Most coaches, counselors, and consultants have created so much content in the form of courses, study guides, social media, blog posts, videos, etc., that you can no longer clearly see the genius that you have

90 in 90 Strategy

Let’s sit down for 90 minutes and map out 90 days of strategy for you to implement. We’ll start with wherever you are — loose vision or idea, half-mapped strategy, or too many ideas to sort through. We’ll see what’s feasible and what’s not, and then plot out the best way for you to make it happen.

Business Management

We provide online business management for the heartbeat of your operations and launch support, content marketing, and statistics monitoring and analysis. Spend time meeting with and creating for your clients instead of managing the tasks and details of your business!

Click here for a Gold Nugget Mining Quick Win Worksheet to help you
repurpose your content for business growth!

Clients’ Comments

Shelby Ketchen is an amazing team member. I can’t believe how quickly and efficiently she works ! Shelby gives great feedback and ideas. She is very reasonably priced as well. I highly recommend working with Shelby . You won’t be disappointed!
Stephanie Ellis Ecke, LPC, LCDC

On her website, Shelby B. Ketchen states “being your business BFF is my calling”…and she excels at being an excellent business resource and an insightful and inspiring friend. She changed my business and my life.  I believe she can change yours.
Sandra Garton Breech, M.Ed., LPC, RPT

Shelby recently did a deep dive Gold Nugget Mining of my blog, social media accounts, newsletters, and shop. It was such a great experience! Not only did she catch themes and threads of ideas I had been considering she also saw new ideas that I had never thought of before.
Marta Goertzen, Consultant/Creator

Work With Me

Do you remember when your business was new and you were full of enthusiasm? Remember friends and fun and financial security? Do you long for the days when you watched the ripple effects of the impacts you had on your clients?

Stop drowning in your business! I can help you holistically amplify your message, manage and grow your business, and take back your life!

Remember friends? And fun? And financial freedom?

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